Classes & Schedule

Renda individualizes each session. She is patient and precise as she instructs dancers, opera singers, athletes, pre and post natal moms, fitness fiends and the rest of us. With her expert guidance you will develop an ever deepening body awareness as you work together to coax and coach your mind and body to connect at levels you would not have thought possible. Effectiveness in rehabbing injuries is a well known strength of the Pilates Method and Renda has successfully helped many in all of the above categories.

RendaIn addition to her private studio, Renda teaches at Mind Body Fitness and Winsor Pilates.

Private Sessions

These one-on-one sessions are at the heart of the Pilates Method and are completely customized. Clients utilize all the equipment, and develop flow in transitioning from one exercise to the next.

Semi-Private Sessions

These sessions allow 2 clients at a time to experience Pilates with others at similar experience levels. Use of equipment and specific routines will of course be customized. Friends, partners, parents and teens, can find this a unique way to develop together.

Mat Class

Mat work is integrated into the individualized session and progresses in tandem with the individual progress.

Instructor Training

Preparatory classes are offered for those wishing to enter the certification program.

Training workshops for instructors are also offered to other studios.